10 Steps To A Breakthrough

1. Define what a breakthrough looks like:

a.  When you breakthrough…what really occurred? What happens before a breakthrough?


2. Determine the activities needed:

a.  Direct mail is crushing it right now.

b.  These activities revolve around lead generation.


3. Create A Plan:

a.  You know the activities…

b.  Create the schedule:

c.  All generating activities must be done by 12:00PM.


4. Show Up:

a.  You have to show up to blow up.

b.  Consistency is the MAGIC SAUCE.

c.  It is not about being the best… It’s about showing up the most.


5. Find A Buddy:

A Breakthrough requires support.

a.  Anything we do alone…we typically don’t follow through.

b.  If you don’t feel you have a good environment it’s because you haven’t created it.


6. Present To Purpose:

a.  You must connect to WHY.

b.  I am doing this because ______.

c.  I am doing this for ______.

d.  We often do not follow through because we haven’t identified why we should follow through.


7. Chant Affirmations:

a.  If we say we can’t…we can’t!

b.  If we say we can…we can!

c.  If we say nothing…we don’t! – Let’s not waste the power of MINDSET.

d.  Affirmations: I am Powerful,  I am Determined,  I am Unstoppable!


8. Gratitude:

a.  We have a lot to be thankful for.

b.  The more we show gratitude, the more positivity we will attract.

c.  Along with your affirmations… Say out loud what you are grateful for.

d.  Things to be Grateful for: Health, Family & friends, Freedom to design my life.


9. Escape:

You must schedule some time for you! Example: A hobby, playing with the kids, date night.


10. Repeat:

a.  Go through each step everyday.

b.  If you think you can’t, you can’t and you are right.

c.  If you think you can… Then you will also be right.


Don’t put your Breakthrough on hold.

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