7 Ways To Generate Real Estate Momentum

We always have momentum, moving closer to what we want or closer to what we don’t want.

Eating bad and not exercising is a great way to build momentum towards what you don’t want… being unhealthy.
Choosing healthier foods and exercising helps build momentum towards what you want. So, no matter what, you are building momentum. Let’s make sure we are intentional about the momentum we build. In order to build Real Estate Momentum we start on the small things we can change now and build from there.

1.  Consistently MOVE every morning.

It’s much easier to be alive, excited and full of energy after you have got your heart rate up.

2.  Feed your mind daily

Once you warm up the body…feed the mind. Listen to the Level Up Podcast. This is a podcast that opens up your mind to sales growth. Take a real estate course…check out our courses on www.realestatesalessolutions.com

3.  Pre-game practice

If you are going to lead generate today, practice your script. If you are going on a listing presentation, practice the presentation. Create a pregame routine and stick to it every time.

4.  Plus 30

What are you are currently doing for lead generation that works…increase by 30%. Doing more of what works will give you more results. If you are making 10 FSBO calls, make 13. If direct mail is your thing and it’s working, increase it by 30%.

5.  Ask for the business

Most agents never ask the buyer to write an offer or a seller to sign a listing agreement. If you ask zero times…ask 3 times. Usually ask one time… ask 4 times. If you ask 4 time (not likely), ask 5 times. You will increase momentum as you increase your asks.

6.  One night One Saturday

If you want immediate results, commit one evening to make 2 hours of calls. Commit one Saturday each month to make 3 hours of calls. Adding a night and a Saturday will allow you to connect with people that you haven’t been able to reach yet. This is a momentum game changer.

7.  Talk to more people…

The amount of people you are talking to gives you the sales volume you have. Talk to more, get more. Use nurture campaigns, text to the leads that have opted into your websites and increase conversations to COI. Most agents are not talking to enough people. If you are looking to generate more momentum, follow these above steps. Notice how simple it is. The key is to Keep It Simple. The more difficult it is, the less likely you will execute. Executing on the simple stuff will always give you more momentum than not executing on the difficult stuff.
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