Are you shutting down?

We Are More Valued Today Than Ever

What do consumers have right now? – Uncertainty

What do consumers need right now? – Certainty

Example – FSBO’s

When Certainty is high…confidence is high and they don’t feel they need you.

When Uncertainty is high….confidence is low and they need your advice and guidance.

  • When you look on Zillow, you will notice very few new FSBO’s coming on the market
  • The reason is that they are uncertain as to what will happen in the future
  • Some are calling agents
  • Some are pressing the pause button
  • We have noticed that every FSBO we have talked to this week has been willing to talk to us and practically didn’t want us to get off the phone

Example: Do You Think That Price Will Work?

  • I still take listings that call me from my database
  • I have taken 5 in the last 48 hours
  • In each case, they asked me, Do You Think That Price Will Work?
  • Two weeks ago they were telling me they would never sell at that price

This is all an indication that buyers and sellers need our knowledge, support and recommendations.

As Agents… we must get this 100%

Ask Yourself…Are You Shutting Down?

Before you answer too quick, I am not referring to your office. As we see businesses shut down, schools close and empty shelves at the stores….ask yourself, what are you doing? We see so many businesses SHUTTING DOWN.

Ask yourself these questions……

Are you shutting down mentally?

Are you shutting down emotionally?

Are you shutting down physically?

Listen, I understand we are experiencing something we’ve never seen before. The health concerns are real and we must be socially responsible….but, it doesn’t mean that we have to shut down.

Consider this….When you shut down, you are really shutting people out!

Imagine if health workers shut down….?

You go to the doctor and they were closed. You go to the urgent care and it was closed. You go to the hospital and it was closed. That would be a complete disaster for the American population…so many people would suffer. You see, we cannot shut down…as a matter of fact, we need to be more open than we have ever been.

Instead of shutting down mentally

  • wake up and chant your newly written affirmations
  • Listen to a podcast about real estate
  • Make a gratitude list….things you are thankful for
  • Feed Your Mind With Positivity Everyday

Instead of shutting down emotionally

  • make more contacts to your COI
  • make more contacts through your Past Clients

Ask your current clients what you can do for them. Your past clients and COI are all worried, so you can be that calming voice that helps them get through their day.

Keep in mind…we are not calling to sell them….we are calling to serve them.

Talking to your past clients and COI is typically a more positive experience and a few of these each day can help relieve stress for both of you.

Instead of shutting down physically….

  • Commit to getting some exercise each day.
  • Running, walking, push-ups, sit-ups….MOVE THE BODY
  • When we get moving we physically feel better
  • When we feel better, we have better thoughts
  • When we have better thoughts, we speak with confidence
  • When we speak with confidence, we bring certainty to the conversation

The consumer needs us to be open…

Open mentally

Open emotionally

Open physically

In the end, the real estate agents who are OPEN mentally, emotionally and physically will be the winners on the other side.

And, they will be the winners not because they made the most money over the next few months…they will be the winners because they had the greatest positive impact in their local markets during turbulent times.

How can we truly serve our consumers if we are shut down?

Go Be The Solution!!

Action Items:

1. Call all of your leads that plan to do something within the next 6 months.

  • If they answer, ask them how they are doing and if everything is okay. Then see what their thoughts and plans are for real estate.
  • The response will be amazing
  • If they do not answer, send them a video
  • Take your phone and record a simple video like this….
  • Hi there…It’s (Your Name) here… I just want to touch base with you and let you know I was thinking about you. I know there is a lot going on right now but you were in my thoughts and I wanted to make sure you know I am here if you need anything. I am spending a bit less time in the office right now but have increased my time working with my great clients. Let me know when you have a moment to chat.
  • I bet you will get a ton of positive responses from this quick video.
  • I know some of you are going to take what I said and just send a text…..Please send the video text instead
  • The impact is in the connection

2. Consider a Reverse Offer

What is a reverse offer… It is when the seller makes an offer to the buyer instead of the buyer making an offer to the seller

It may sound a bit odd but hear me out… Who made up the rule that the buyer always has to throw the first pitch?

There may be few showings on listings in the near future yet the quality of the buyer is much better than it was before.

All the tire kickers are distracted and not wasting their time looking at properties right now.

So, when you have a showing, it is likely with a motivated buyer

Have the seller make the buyer an offer

Call the other agent and ask if the buyer has an interest

If so, talk to the seller and let them know there is a buyer interested, yet you fear that they may make an offer on another property.

  • Suggest something different…. How about let’s make them an offer based on what you would take if they had made you an offer. Let’s see if we can spark a negotiation


Remember….Nothing Works All The Time…..but Most Things Work Some Of The Time

It’s about being creative and proactive 

Do Something…Don’t Shut Down