Brendan Bartic – Listing Mastery

If you don’t know who Brendan Bartic is, then that changes now.

Personally, I have heard of Brendan Bartic before yet never had a conversation with him. We happened to do a podcast together and I was inspired to learn who he is and what he is about.

Brendan is a top real estate agent, team builder and business builder. Yes, that is a lot yet he has sold over a BILLION dollars of real estate in his career.

What I like most is that Brendan enjoys helping others grow…just like myself.

I thought I would share a few things that caught my attention.

1. Always Give Options:

He teaches his agents to give the seller options and not use a One Size Fits all listing presentation.

This is critical if you want to increase your listing appointment to taken ratio.

2. Listen To List:

If you want to convert more listings, you have to increase your listening.

Too often, agents are focused on what they will say next and miss what the seller really needs. By listening to the lead, you will hear what you need to hear to serve the seller at the highest level.

3. Provide Tools and Tech:

If you want to build a big listing business then you must provide the tools and tech to your team.

There are many lead sources that help you generate listings every month yet most agents have no idea what they are. Brendan provides tools like Real Geeks, CRM’s, Lead Channels and more to make sure the agent has every opportunity to grow.

One significant tool that agents can use to help clean up their database is

4. You Must Care:

If you want to lead a team to the top then you must care about those that are in your organization. Get to know each member of the team and know what is most important to them. This attitude will lead to high retention and high per person production.

Brendan Bartic created a fantastic course called Listing Mastery. This is a $99 course where he teaches you the many steps to taking listings consistently. I know first-hand that his teachings can help you take more listings.

It has been tough lately to build a listing inventory yet it is not as hard as most agents make it. Taking listings today is easier than you think, yet you do have to follow a process.

His listing course isn’t based on the ‘make massive contacts’ strategy. It is based on increasing your conversion rate by knowing what to ask, what to say and how to present when you are at their home.

I highly recommend you sign up for the Listing Mastery course. There is no doubt that you will improve your real estate listing presentation and conversion.