Greg Harrelson Infusionsoft Real Estate Content

If you are a real estate agent, you have probably heard the buzz in the industry about the Infusionsoft real estate application.

At first, only the Mega Agents in real estate were using this strategy to build their database, lead them through a funnel and eventually convert their leads to a commission check. Now, real estate agents at any level can get involved because great real estate content has been developed and made available to agents looking to integrate Infusionsoft in their business.

Most real estate agents refer to the ‘Greg Harrelson Infusionsoft real estate content,’ as being the authority in Infusionsoft real estate implementation.

Yes, there are others on the market yet they are not the same.

Below are a few differences worth mentioning:

  1. The ‘Greg Harrelson content package’ was built for Greg Harrelson by Greg Harrelson.Question: Why is this important?

    Answer: Because Greg decided to build custom content that could be used in his personal business. After implementation of Infusionsoft and his real estate content, his company jumped to over 1000 transactions. The content was built to use….NOT….to sell! Many real estate content developers built the content for sale and have actually never used the content in their own business.

  2. No Slimy Sales talk When creating the content, it was important that the content would add value to the reader. If it doesn’t add value then it would not be used. When the content adds value, then you don’t need to use slimy sales talk. Very few people opt out or unsubscribe with Greg’s content.
  3. Come ‘List Me’ Calls The content was built to ‘Empower the consumer with information.’ When you empower others, they will, in return, refer their friends to you. The Greg Harrelson content generates multiple listing opportunities. Many are ‘Come List Me’ calls.
  4. You can only receive the content by signing up with the below demo link. If you buy the Infusionsoft application through this link, you get the content for free. And, there are not upcharges on your monthly bill.

    Infusionsoft Real Estate Demo

If you are going to implement Infusionsoft in your real estate business then you need to research the content package that you may choose. Just like anything else, you need to ask around.

The Greg Harrelson content has spread by word of mouth.

If you do get involved and use Greg Harrelson’s content, make sure that you sign up for the Google Hangouts and Automation Conference Calls.