This Should Get you Motivated

I keep hearing agents struggling with motivation.

They are always trying to figure out what their ‘why’ is….
I’m a believer of understanding the why, yet I am also a believer of taking action. Personally, it motivates me when I see how simple it is to move the needle on my business.

Here are 3 actions you can take today…even if you aren’t motivated.

And when you see the results….that will likely motivate you to repeat….

  1. Text 10 COI today…. just ask…‘I’m curious, what are your goals for real Estate this year? Are you looking to acquire or sell a property this year?’
  2. Send a text to 10 of your past clients today…’Values of properties like you have purchased have gone up. Any chance your considering selling?’
  3. Call or message 3 family members…..’I was just thinking about you…..I hope today is the best day of your week.

Taking these simple actions will get multiple positive responses.

When you see how simple it is to generate business, you are likely to do it again….because, it’s motivating to know you can generate activity at will.
It’s like a light switch…