Are You Creating Enough Content?

I think most agents are starting to learn that they need to build an audience and create content…

Buyers and sellers are doing more research on the internet than ever before. It is important that your message is in front of their eyes. As real estate agents we need to be creating enough content for people to consume.

Ultimate Goal for Real Estate Content is Consumer Consumption

Definition of Consumption The using up of a resource.

The Goal: Be a RESOURCE for which the consumer uses up.

Notice how I use the term Consumer… Not buyer or seller.

The term Consumer represents everyone in your marketplace.

  • Looking to sell right now
  • Currently looking to buy
  • People who are renting
  • Property owners who already own and may need to refinance
  • Those who are not even thinking of real estate

Expand your communication to the entire marketplace.

When your content has value then it will spread


  • Think of Microsoft – consumed in our schools and became dependent
  • Think of Apple right now – consumed for entertainment and became dependent. If you ever had an IPOD, you likely had an IPhone, an IPad and possibly a MacBook

What will the consumer consume?

  1. Information that has value
  2. Current information
  3. Relevant
  4. Prevents them from making a mistake
  5. Helps them make better real estate choices


I sent this yesterday – “Greg, Your Properties Tax Value is being Assessed this Month – Things you must know”

Results of this email newsletter…

Other topic examples:

Hurricane updateHurricane Updates  – Jeff Quintin

Market Updates – The numbers – What they mean   Brendon Payne

  • Brendon Payne – Over 50 deals in each of the last two years using this exact coaching

Why does consumption matter?

Why so much attention on Consumption?

When people consume a lot of something, they become dependent on it.

Dependency and Addiction are very similar.

– Millions have become dependent on Microsoft

– Millions have become addicted to Apple Products.

Monitoring Consumption

How do you know when people are consuming?

Let me share the next level for real estate agent communications:

We now have the ability to monitor the click patterns of our audience.

  • Google, FB and Amazon do this on us all the time.

When we look at one book then they offer other books of similar topics. This makes creating enough content even more crucial.

When you know what the consumer is consuming then you know what they are interested in or where their focus is at that moment.

If you do not know what the consumer is consuming then you have no idea what they are interested in. You have to find out what your consumer is absorbing when creating enough content in order to be heard by the consumer.


  1. Newsletter goes out and they click a link that gives them additional information on a particular subject… How to sell a property FSBO.
  2. Because they clicked on the topic FSBO, you send them another email within 24 hours that explains how some FSBO’s have successfully sold their homes. Include a link for additional information.
  3. If they click the second link then send them some information helping them write a CL ad.
  4. When they read that email then send them another email about CL and add a link that explains your commission structure when working with FSBO’s.
  5. If they click the Commission link then give them a call and ask them is you can preview their home.

Think about what you just did….

You delivered lots of value at multiple stages

You noticed they are looking at what you charge in commission

Now you are alerted to give them a call and set an appointment

Your chances of them saying yes to an appointment just went through the roof.

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