To get a listing, these are our Top 21 ways

We are going to explore 21 ways you can hit the ground running to get a listing

1. Get a listing with Facebook Market Place: Yard Sales / Estate Sales

One of the most overlooked ways to get a listing is going to Facebook Marketplace and direct message anyone that is having a yard sale or an estate sales. Chances are they may be selling their home and this yard sale is the beginning of the process.

2. Daily expired listings

Many agents talk about expireds but few agents actually work them. Expireds happen to convert better than most listing  lead sources.

3. Expired listings last 90 days

I’m some cases, expired sellers like to wait before putting their property back on the market. Calling older expireds will prove to generate listing results.

4. FRBO’s

For Rent By Owner – Think about, an owner whom is advertising a rental is facing a negative cash flow. Many owners like to sell to get rid of a poor performing asset.

5. Posting your ‘What’s My Home Worth’ widget on your Google Business Page

Too often agents think that online seller leads are bad. There is no bad leads, it’s just some leads take longer to convert.

6. For Sale By Owners

Old School me things of lead generation works. Go back to the basics.
RESS offers a class to give you a simplified system for going after FSBOS in our FSBO Kickstarter course.

7. Past Buyer Clients who purchased last 24 months.

Most people who have purchased in the last 24 months have experienced appreciation in what they purchased. Many of them are thinking of upgrading.

8. FSBO on FB Marketplace is a great way to get a listing

You many know Facebook Marketplace from looking up things to buy like tools, boats and furniture. But guess what, there are sellers who post their home for sale there also. Direct message and get listing leads.

9. Circle Prospecting

Again, old school is working these days. Choose a community that you want to dominate and start connecting.
For those of you without the tools or you don’t know where to start RESS offers one of the best classes on circle prospecting called Circle Prospecting Mastery. You will learn how to be efficient with prospecting and use it effectively for your business.

10. How To Videos

More and more people are turning to YouTube for DIY instructions. Create content on different aspects of the selling process and become the educator of homeowners.

11. Texting Past Clients

A simple message informing them of the market and asking if they thought of selling is good enough.

12. Seller Ads on Social Media

There are a lot of local property owners on Facebook. Create an attractive ad and boost it. Learning how to pull data from and creating a custom audience will generate many listings leads.

13. Old Buyer Sales (4-6 years ago)

These buyers have been in the sidelines watching property values go up. Call them, inform them of what their property is worth now and ask if they would like to take advantage of the prices by selling now.

14. Get a listing with Just Sold Cards and calling them

Sending a just sold mailer works way better if you will call the same list within 48 hours of the mailer hitting their mailbox.

15. Monthly Reports To Database

If you’re not building a database, you need to get on it now. If you have a database, send a monthly video update on the market. Over time you will create ‘come list me’ calls.

16. Craigslist

Have you forgot about Craigslist? Go check it out, there are sellers listing their property on the site.

17. Absentee Owners

Properties that are vacant or non-owner occupied tend to turnover faster than primary residences. Find and connect with the absentee owners in your market.

18. Homelight

Did you know you can get Homelight to send you listing leads for no upfront costs and a referral fee when sold. Make Homelight a referral partner.

19. COI

Again, old school works. Your COI or Sphere knows who you are. They trust you. You just need to reach out to them and let them know you would appreciate their business. Call them quarterly.

20. ZBuyer

Never heard of Zbuyer? It’s another service you can pay for to get listing leads.

21. Networking at events and building a agent referral database.

Agent to agent referrals are too often neglected. Meet other agents at industry events, trade business cards (if you still have one) and remember each other when you need to send and receive referrals.