An Honest Plea To Real Estate Brokers, Owners, Managers. Stop Lying To Your Agents and Recruits.

When you are not honest with your agents you build up false hopes and expectations and they are not able to grow as quickly.

  1. Quit telling them you can lead a new licensee or low producing agent to big production if you haven’t done that production yourself and haven’t coached others to do the same production.
  2. Don’t tell them you don’t have to make outbound calls in this business.
  3. Never let them believe that they can reach their goals without becoming great salesperson.
  4. Having a great personality will not make them a great agent. Great agents are great because of great work ethic, strong desire, powerful skills, and great coaching.
  5. Stop telling them that they don’t need to learn specific scripts and dialogues in this business. We all use scripts every single day, the difference is that successful agents use the ones that work.
  6. You shouldn’t tell them that you have better leads. We’re all working the same ones. Agents see this as the first lie that management/ownership tells them.
  7. Agents create leads by asking great questions, listening for motivation. Don’t tell them that they are being given leads. We only give them contacts.
  8. Feeding the dream that you can expect full-time pay as a part-time agent is not honest.