Top 3 Qualities Of Top Sales People

There are 3 Common Qualities Of Top Real Estate Agents:

I have been fortunate to travel the country and speak with thousands of agents and coach many agents in different markets.

Here are 3 things that I have learned….

 1. Ambition

The agents had an intense desire to be a top producer. They want something new so bad that they were willing to do what it takes to succeed.  Tired of what they had they were willing to do what it took to get to the top. Their goal was to drastically improve their financial position. When they were willing to model the business strategies of other top agents they saw success.

            One more thing…. They all started at the bottom and were all new at one time. These agents were willing to knock on doors, call through communities and talk to strangers every chance they could.

2. Learned How To Overcome Their Fears

We all have fears. Talking to strangers and presenting in front of people. When what you have to gain is much greater than the pain you will suffer…you become a great real estate sales professional. Like anything new, there is a learning curve and the top agents had to go through it just like a new agent will. Be bold, be courageous.

3. Made A Total Commitment To Success:

The top agents were 100% committed to make it work. There is a ton of distraction in the marketplace. Companies will tell you to buy their system and you will start making sales fast. Most of the stuff out there is a scam….please stay away.

 Like anything else…it takes focus. Top agents were able to ignore all the shiny objects and stay focused on the one thing that matters most…LEAD GENERATION.


Becoming a top agent in real estate is not difficult. There are plenty of examples one can follow that will lead you to the top. 

The most difficult thing about being a top agent is making the commitment and staying focused on learning the steps necessary to get to the top.