What is Contact Junkie?

How Automation Changed The Follow Up Game


Do you find it difficult fitting in enough lead follow up during your day?

Do you ever follow up too late?

Do you have issues with following up too little?


Here’s a thought….
You never lose business due to too much follow up. And, you never lose because you follow up too soon. But you have lost business because you follow up too little and too late.



Here Are The New Rules Of Follow Up:

  1. When a lead calls you….you call within 2 minutes and you schedule 5 additional attempts during the day to reach that lead.
  2. You leave a message when you have a lead and …..you put them in a follow up campaign that attempts 8 additional times to reach them in the next two days.
  3. After you capture a new online lead and call them and they don’t answer on the first attempt… use automation to follow up with them at least 5 more times the same day, 4 the next day and 4 the next day.


Are you thinking there’s not enough time in the day? You’re right if you are still using a Manual Follow Up System. There isn’t enough time in the day to do this correct.

This is why we created Contact Junkie

Contact Junkie is a tool where we have programmed many different Multi-Channel Follow Up Campaigns. Meaning, we created campaigns that utilize multiple message delivering systems in a coordinated way to increase the speed and response rates we get with our leads.
This is not a drip….
It is a consistent multi-channel approach using various means to get people on the phone so we can set more appointments.
Check it out: www.contactjunkie.com

The New Game….

  • It takes about 8 attempts per lead to reach them.
  • You must do one of two things….hire staff at $2000 per month to help or use automation to do more than 3 ISA’s could handle for less than $200 per month.
Contact Junkie is not an expense….it’s an investment that gives you a ROI.