Why Sell During The Holidays

*View The PDF Version Here. I am sending you another email this morning to discuss an important conversation I have had recently with about ten of my current clients. I typically do not send more then one update per month yet with the year coming to an end, I thought it would be helpful if… Read more »

Reasons Why people set goals and Fail to Follow Through!

The purpose of this article is to discuss the characteristics that successful people have in common. Specifically, the characteristics that inspire them to take massive action and follow through. As you’ll see, the solution is really quite simple and available to each one of us. First, let’s identify why what it is that causes people… Read more »

Uncovering Their True Motivation

Motivation What is motivation? Motivation is the driving force which influences our actions. Motivation is the why behind the action. Think about this analogy. You have a car with a full tank of gas, a well-tuned engine, a brand new set of tires, amazing sound system, and a sleek, polished exterior. There it sits. This… Read more »

Three Signs of a Powerful Mindset

*View The PDF Version Here. There are sales people all across America that have learned to talk like a winner yet very often they do not get the results they desire. As a coach in this industry, I believe there is a direct correlation between the results that one achieves and the attitude that they… Read more »

The morning ritual

Imagine watching a show on television about an ancient tribe in some third world country. Often you will see that they have certain rituals that are never broken. No matter the weather, their health or personal challenges they are facing, they still attend the ritual. They attend as if their life depends on it, as… Read more »

The 5 Habits of Highly Effective Real Estate Agents

*View The PDF Version Here. I was recently reviewing about 10 years of notes that I have collected while participating in coaching, watching seminars and meetings with mastermind groups. As I was looking through the notes, I noticed that there were some common topics that were discussed each year. The topic most discussed was the… Read more »

Stick with the Standards

A major disadvantage in the real estate industry is in the lack of understanding of minimum standards. In real estate, like other industries, there are known standards that agents can use to monitor their business and determine their effectiveness in the following areas: • Time Management • Prospecting Skills • Listing Presentation Skills • Buyer… Read more »