Mini Business Plan

This mini business plan is designed to produce immediate results while allowing plenty of flexibility to change directions depending on the results that you produce. In order for you to experience success, you must be 100% committed to following the plan as it is written. This is a 6 day plan that starts on a… Read more »

Coaching Call – Transform Your Business in 7 Days

No matter what your production level, there is always an opportunity to grow your production without reinvention of your business and many times without much effort. Typically, the going to the next level takes less physical effort then it takes to produce at the currently level. Though the next level is not physically taxing, it… Read more »

Real Estate Tip from Greg Harrelson

I hope this year is starting off good for you and your business. Personally, I believe we can all achieve great success this year in real estate if we apply the right mindset. For the past 5 years, so many agents have been trying to figure out if the market is going down further or… Read more »

Myrtle Beach Short Sales are becoming the Investors Choice

For a few years, Myrtle Beach Short Sales were ignored do to over supply of foreclosure listings in the local MLS. Now that buyers are competing for foreclosures in Myrtle Beach and finding themselves in a bidding war, they’re starting to turn to short sales to find value and make sound investments. Investing in Short… Read more »