Creative Thinking

What can I do to increase listing and buyer leads? 1. You have to have a prospecting system that out works the competition and the market. 2. Look into Boom Town and Tiger Leads or Real estate web masters for more buyer leads. 3. Remember the most profitable part of my business is to self… Read more »

187 Ways to Improve Your Business

19 Ways to Create Business to Come to Me (Contributed by Greg Sisson) 1) Join Civic Organization 2) Take someone to lunch once per week doing way more than me 3) Expand e-mail communities 4) Refer business to more people 5) Strengthen my mindset which will attract more to me 6) Another Referral Company like… Read more »

POD Generation Plan – (POD-GP)

The POD-GP is designed to assist the active agent in producing long term profits by dominating a chosen geographical area. Profitable geographical areas have been identified by the company and distributed to the agents that are willing to commit to the following generating plan. It is the intention of the company and the agent that… Read more »