The Art Of Handling Objections

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had the confidence for handling objections that a buyer or seller throw at you?

The fear of getting objections has a lot to do with why so many agents avoid lead generation strategies. Meaning, agents will do anything to avoid being in an uncomfortable conversation, even if it means doing less deals. Here are a few thoughts on Handling Objections.

1.      It’s not always an objection:

  • Before you handle the objection…determine if it is really an objection because it may only be a question.

2.      Take a deep breath and RESPOND:

  • Too often, agents hear an objection and they react, causing the lead to take a position. Never react!

3.      Make sure they are heard:

  • Listen, repeat and affirm. The reason why you repeat the objection is so they know they were heard. And it buys you time so you can respond.
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4.      Be Understanding:

  • Using this opening statement will help you…’I can understand why you may ask that. And another thing to think about is ______’.
  • You can always understand their position without giving in to their position.

5.      Never give up:

  • If your first attempt to handle the objection doesn’t land right…try again, and again and again.
Top real estate agents welcome objections because they know they have a compelling answer. That confidence alone causes the buyer or seller lead to rethink if they even want to give the objection.
Mastery comes from practice so commit to a few hours of role playing each week and you will be pleased at how you start taking more listings and writing more contracts.
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