New Seller Script Alert: Besides the MLS, what do you do to sell homes?

Besides the MLS, what do you do to sell homes?

Mr. Seller, I’m glad you asked that question. As a matter of fact, I feel more sellers should be asking that question since that is the only strategy for many agents. The MLS is important but that is not what sets my selling strategies apart from other agents.

There are a few things that matter…

1) Price….that’s your job of course with my guidance.

2) Condition….that’s your job….and I may make some suggestions

3) Marketing….that’s what I do best.


Let’s go over a few marketing strategies that will create demand for the home and help us sell it faster than the competition.

First, I focus on pictures. We know that the first showing on your property will be virtual. Meaning, they will judge your property first, based on how it is presented on the Internet.
I invest in a professional photographer to take pictures of the property.
Next, I understand how important the MLS is yet it’s not putting it in the MLS that matters most. It’s a lot more than the MLS.
I will conduct research in the MLS and identify the top 50 agents most likely to have a buyer for your property. I will find those agents, like myself, that have sold multiple properties like yours. Then, I will personally reach out to each one and convince them to bring buyers to your property. No other agents are doing this in our market.
After that, I will make sure your property is given maximum exposure by placing it on multiple home selling platforms. One example is Facebook Marketplace where thousands of people are looking for real estate in this area. I would guess that I could generate at least 10 user leads from that alone.
There is much more that I will do to market your property and this is just a taste of how I will represent you and get your home sold.
I’m excited to kick off this plan.
Any other questions?
             – Greg Harrelson