Growing In An Unpredictable Market

I happened to be a guest on a conference call of nearly 300 great agents and we were discussing how to grow your real estate business in an unpredictable market, meaning, a market where we are not sure if we have hit bottom, if it is going down further or if we are in the… Read more »

From Real Estate Bust to Real Estate Boom

All of us understand the real estate markets around the United States have experienced one of the largest declines in history. Who could have predicted the changes that we have had over the past 5 years? Unfortunately, this massive decline has led many real estate agents out of business, forced them to get 2nd jobs… Read more »

Do you Have What it Takes to Become a Champion?

What is a Champion? According to one definition in the dictionary, a champion is one who excels above others. All of us know of people that seem to excel iin everything that they do. They are the people that start a new job and seem to reach the top quickly or they are the one’s… Read more »

High End Market Domination Plan

The intention of this plan is to increase our average sales price and commissioned earned per real estate transaction. This plan does NOT replace what I already do. This is an additional project that I will focus on in 2012 ongoing. There are two stagesto this plan. The first stage is meant to kickoff the… Read more »

Why Hire Greg

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Upgrades Necessary To Excel

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